You will totally relax you stay at Glencoe Farm - Sheffield, Tasmania!
Click to enlarge - Enjoy the superb desserts at Glencoe! Click here to enlarge - Beautiful seasonal blossoms are a feature at Glencoe Rural Retreat.! Click to enlarge - Private, warm, inviting, and romantic...the perfect getaway!

Glencoe Rural Retreat - 'A place of harmonie' - Barrington, Tasmania, Australia

Beautiful Mount Roland provides a great vista from Glencoe Rural Retreat, Barrington, Tasmania

Our Location - Barrington - Tasmania

Glencoe Rural Retreat is located in the centre of Tasmania's pretty North West Coast.

We are situated at 1468 Sheffield Road (B14) Barrington , which is right on the main road just out of the "Mural" town of Sheffield. Glencoe Rural Retreat is a mere 30 minutes away from the Fast Ferry service in Devonport, the Devonport Airport, and coastal bus services; 60 minutes drive from the city of Launceston, and a short 40 minute cruise from the natural beauty of the large Tasmanian Wilderness National Parks.

Tasmania is a relatively compact state, and most tourist attractions seem like they are almost 'around the corner'. Be aware that many Tasmanian roads can be narrow and windy, so the travelling times you are usually longer than you may plan!

Glencoe Rural Retreat is an ideal place to explore our diverse region from. You can be assured that a warm bed, and relaxing atmosphere awaits you at the end of an exhausting day! Visit us, and try to prove us wrong..!

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